Insomnia and Thoughts

It’s 1:28 am. I can’t sleep. I also can’t do anything productive because I should be sleeping.


That being said, man, I’ve really been neglecting this blog. A guy has two kids, a wife, and a fulfilling job, and he just abandons his blog.

Honestly, writing in this blog is something I very rarely think about. What I do think about are my hobbies.

I have a Raspberry Pi Zero with an e-paper hat and battery set up on my desk that I’m trying to come up with an idea for. One idea is a display of the most recent tweet from my Twitter feed. It’s not useful, but it might be entertaining.

Another is a display of upcoming meetings. I work from home now and sometimes don’t pay attention to the time. Outlook’s reminder has a bad tendency to pop under the VM I’m working in. I’d need to look into the MS Office or Teams API to get the event info I need for that. I could even wire in flashing LEDs or a speaker to alert me.

The last idea is just a clock with weather info. I’m not a fan of that one.

These thoughts have me wondering now: Is it possible to host VS Code on the pi and remotely access it to write the code directly on it? Just point a browser at https://[ipaddess:port] and see vs code there with the pi’s local display project, ripe for editing?

The things my brain locks onto instead of sleeping. Fun ideas, but I need sleep. C’mon brain, be tired.

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